Senin, 15 Agustus 2011

Funny story : Abunanawas and elephant

Funny story : Abunanawas and elephant

King : "Hi Abunawas! you are so smart and clever famous, I want to see you, if you are really great, then make my pet elephant raises his foot, whichever foot is up, then make him also shook his head. if you successful, then I'll grant any wish, because anyone in the country middle of nowhere that no one can do it".

Abunawas : "Okay king".
(hence with smart sense Abunawas androgynous approach the elephant man, and ... pull his cock, then! AaAaUuuu !!!... The elephant was surprised and a little in pain and lifting his leg.)

King : "applause for Abunawas ... Eits! do not be happy once you! finish just the next one".

Abunawas : "Ready king".
(again Abunawas approached the elephant, and whispered in his ears "O foolish elephant! what want that like that anymore ?!"... The elephant was shaking his head vigorously).

       The King and all the people who watched open-mouthed and silent amazed to see Abunawas greatness.

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